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We design and develop digital products for brands, institutions and start-ups. Everything we do is user-centered, result-driven and has a mindset that is agile-aimed to the max.

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The plusquam people

16 experienced freelancers and entrepreneurs in collaboration. Thanks to our diversity of knowledge we build tailor-fit teams for nearly every kind of digital project.

  • Kevin Eulenberg
    Kevin Eulenberg
    Product-Designer | CX/UX Developer
  • Eric Schlottke
    Eric Schlottke
    UX Developer | Flutter Lover
  • Janneck Wullschleger
    Janneck Wullschleger
    Full-Stack Developer | DevOps Engineer
  • Felix Eisenhuth
    Felix Eisenhuth
    Frontend Developer | Designer
  • Benedikt Stalf
    Benedikt Stalf
  • Ronny Bubke
    Ronny Bubke
    Full-Stack Developer
  • Helga Breuer
    Helga Breuer
    Agile Coach, Project Manager
  • Marco Prehler
    Marco Prehler
    Content Producer | Conceptioner
  • Matthias Brost
    Matthias Brost
  • Tanja Rohlfs
    Tanja Rohlfs
    Game Art Designer | Illustrator
  • Raoul Korzuschek
    Raoul Korzuschek
    Art Director / Web UI & UX
  • Leon Lichtenborg
    Leon Lichtenborg
    Graphic Artist | Illustrator
  • Liana Hoffmann
    Liana Hoffmann
    WordPress Expert
  • Benjamin Preiss
    Benjamin Preiss
    Frontend-Developer | Designer
  • Lisa Strautmann
    Lisa Strautmann
    Photo Video Producer
  • Markus Schacht
    Markus Schacht
    User Experience Designer

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